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Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Stepping away from all the murder to let you know about this month of Macbeth!

Tomorrow, I'm joining one of my FAVORITE companies in the city, the Puppet Shakespeare Players for their hilarious production of Macbeth. I get to work with the most adorable puppets, wear the creepiest witch costume, and work with the funniest actors! I highly recommend you check out one of their performances, they never disappoint!

Exactly 8 days later, I'll be stepping up into a bigger role, Lady Macbeth (ahhh!) for Valley Shakespeare Festival's educational tour of (a much more serious) Macbeth. I'm particularly excited to play opposite my good friend and Connecticut theatre veteran, Jeremy Funke! This will be my fourth year touring to the kiddies of Fairfield county and I am so excited to see their bright, shiny faces! There are a few public performances so check out their website if you'd like to come!

Best wishes,


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