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Summer Update! VSF + EMC!

Hello my loves! It has been such an exciting year so far!

In the spring, I had the incredible opportunity once again to tour with Valley Shakespeare Festival. Every year, I am astounded by what I learn about humanity. In performing the same show for all walks of life, you truly learn that the love of theatre is something that lives within the human soul. It cannot be bought with money or learned with age. We brought The Comedy of Errors to both middle schools and old folks homes, fancy restaurants and homeless shelters. Every person had their own experience and took away something different. Every person laughed with us, gasped with us and left more connected to the human race. (Sorry this got a little sappy, but I am feeling all of the feels!)

In the beginning of this month, (I still can't believe its over!) I played the role I've been wishing for since I was 14 years old. Being Viola was an all-around dream come true, made all the better surrounded by so many people that I love. It may have rained like crazy the first two nights, we may not have stepped foot on our actual stage (thank goodness for the pavilion! the show MUST go on!) until the second to last performance, but it was amazing nonetheless.

The icing on the cake was that Twelfth Night earned me my Equity Membership Candidacy! (For you non-actors, this means that I am one step closer to joining the actor's union! Even now, I'll get lots of benefits like cutting the lines at auditions!) I'll see you at EPA's this Fall!

With love,


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